Turmeric (curcuma longa) is one of the most popular and multi-purpose herbs of Ayurveda. It is very beneficial for improving digestion, reducing pain and inflammation, and balancing Vata and Kapha doshas. Its specialty is breaking down undigested toxins (called ama) at all the tissue levels. As one of the most science-backed medicines of Ayurveda, it has been proven to increase brain function, prevent heart disease & cancer, and dramatically increase antioxidants.

  • Reduces inflammation, pain & swelling
  • Detoxifies the pineal gland
    Muscle and joint support
  • Helps purify the blood & liver

Also known as Haridra, turmeric is the essential spice of any Indian kitchen - and rightly so! Its numerous benefits are unmatched. It can be taken with food, as a supplement, or even used externally for wound healing. In the yogic tradition, it is believed to detoxify the pineal gland and aid in third eye awakening.

WARNING: Do not take if pregnant, before/after surgery, or if experiencing bleeding problems. Turmeric can prevent blood clotting. Consult your doctor before taking with any other medications.

Rub organic turmeric on the forehead and apply kumkum on the Third Eye - that detoxifies the intra-organ called Third Eye.” - HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

Turmeric Capsules

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