Here's what our clients have to say!

"Thank you so much Prasiddha! Your energy is very calming and I always feel supported in my healing journey in every area of life, spiritually, mentally, and physically. You’re always so attentive and remind me to create the same space for myself which is very healing. I am so grateful to have your knowledge and wisdom as a support in my life." - Melyna Reese

"Let me start by saying that I am an experienced allopathic (Western) trained nurse. After falling ill in October of 2020, I remained completely physically disabled for over a year until Prasiddha came into my life. She not only completely understood where I was at and where I'm coming from, but she approached me and my health with such compassion, knowledge, & wisdom that I had never experienced before. Prasiddha has helped me heal 'incurable' things that my prior doctor intended to let me live with. It is priceless to me to have a provider who not only wants me to heal, but to thrive. If you are on the fence or considering seeing her, consider this your sign to just schedule that appointment. You won't regret it." - Siofra Logue

“I’ve been watching Kundalini Yogini YouTube videos for years now and It was a life changing experience to have a personal program specifically designed for me by Prasiddha herself! as I specified my goals and health concerns, she managed to create the perfect program based on my doshas, daily habits, sleep hours, allergies, etc. The consultations and follow ups are taken with great professionalism  and the results speak for themselves, I will never have the same diet again since not just my mindset change but my body also started to reject the smell and taste of non-healthy food not to mention the loss of  weight! I extremely recommend this life changing experience to everyone who wants to improve their health for the better!” - Joaquin Urena

"Two weeks ago I had a follow-up with my doctor regarding my kidney stones and surprise....they're gone! Well, for the most part. Last summer I had a total of 5 stones. 3 in one kidney and 2 in the other. After closely following your suggestions I now only have one tiny one. The doctor was like, whatever you've been doing, keep it up! I share this with you to thank you for your great counsel and for the miraculous change in my life but also to remind others that there is something very real going on here with Ayurveda and its physical, emotional and spiritual approach to health. I love what you teach and how you teach it." - Doug Arbulu

"I couldn't be more satisfied with my Ayurvedic consultation with Prasiddha. I had scheduled the consultation mainly because I was feeling really low energy levels even though I was eating a healthy organic vegan diet. From the consultation I learned that though the foods I was consuming are generally looked at as healthy, they're not what will make my specific body type and dosha (Vatta) run optimally. Prassidha enlightened me about all the foods I should and should not eat as per my dosha and even wrote me out an entire list of the best foods, how to prepare them, what spices to use, what herbs and teas to have, and more. Since implementing her suggestions I have become much more energetic, and happy. My meditations have gotten deeper. I do yoga every day now in the early hours of the morning. My body actually FEELS AMAZING to live inside. I really can't thank Prasiddha enough. If you're reading this review, please go and book your Ayurvedic consultation with her now. Your life will really change so much for the better!" - Sri Nithya Parantapananda

"Besides the amazing advice that Prasiddha has given me what was also healing for me is that she gave me her undivided attention and made me feel supported, understood, and cared for. She listened to me carefully as I was sharing with her what I was going through. In the end, she gave me a very comprehensive plan and was there to guide me along my healing journey. I highly recommend a session with this amazing soul." - Stefan Filipovic

"Prasiddha is warm, compassionate and very professional. In her consultation she took her time to listen and took as much information as possible in order to recommend the best plan for me. I received suggestions to change my diet, relaxation techniques and exercises, and also powerful meditations/mantras to feel more connected and grounded! I’ve been making some small changes since my first consultation with her and am already noticing the difference in my body and mind, especially in my digestion which was my main concern! I really recommend Prasiddha to anyone wanting to improve their diet and lifestyle in a natural way." - Joana Querido


"As a 58 years old woman I have been dealing with a variety of menopausal issues:  weight gain, lack of energy, hot flashes and insomnia.  Working with Prasiddhananda was a wonderful and fruitful experience.  Her ability to pin point the underlying issues and recommend natural ingredients to balance my body was spot on.  You can see for yourself that she radiates health and wellness and has a passion to share her abilities. I highly recommend you explore the wonderful world of Ayurveda with Prasiddha" - Suzanne Davidson


"I highly recommend everyone make an appointment with Prasiddha she is very sweet, informative, and a great listener. I met with her through an online video chat to get a better understanding of my dosha and find a routine that could help me feel more balanced in my life. Best thing I did all summer. She was super helpful and answered all of my questions happily. & She recommended me a tea that I absolutely love and sits very well in my stomach. 10/10 would reccomend to a friend." - Alejandra Ruiz
"I wanted to share the lovely experience I had with Prasiddha during our consultation. I felt very free and safe to share my health concerns with her and even in sharing some sensitive information. Prasiddha displayed professionalism and respect from start to finish and answered all of my questions with a great measure of satisfaction. Since our consultation, I have been feeling a lot more energized and the body feels further detoxed, while I have incorporated the ayurvedic solutions she had suggested for my body type and issues. The ayurvedic plan that was designed specifically for me was presented in a very detailed fashion that also allowed me to explore and apply different options to see which ones my body best responded to and refer back to whenever and however many times I need. The entire experience was refreshing versus past western centric health care approach, which often entails band-aid solutions via prescribed pharmaceuticals. The ayurvedic approach, alternatively, treats our health with long term solutions in mind, the slow and steady approach and with immense compassion. Thank you, Prasiddha. I would highly recommend anyone to have a consultation with Prasiddha." - Parveen Bandan