Ananda Ayurveda's vision is a global Conscious awakening through the natural healing of body, mind, spirit.


Making the Yogic lifestyle and Enlightened living accessible to all living beings.
Our mission is to revive the ancient Ayurvedic health system, which brings balance between body, mind and spirit.

We support the lifestyle of Enlightened living by donating 25% of all profits to support Hindu monks and the revival of Sanatana Dharma. By purchasing Ananda Ayurveda products you are contributing to reviving the Vedic tradition of sustainable and conscious living.

Ananda Ayurveda is a proud supporter of the only Hindu Nation, Shri Kailasa. The ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda are in dire need of revival, as humanity seeks to heal and raise Consciousness; we support the roots of Hinduism and giving credit where credit is due. Kailasa actively preserves these healing sciences through many projects, particularly through the living tradition of Hindu monks, aka sanyasis. Your purchase of any Ananda Ayurveda product helps keep these sacred sciences of health & Enlightenment alive for the entire world to receive its benefits!