There is written evidence of Ayurveda’s tradition for over 6,000 years, but keep in mind, it’s actually much older than that. Before its scriptures (the
Vedas) were written, Ayurveda was an oral tradition. It was passed on through memorization of Sanskrit poems, or shlokas. Ayurveda’s tradition stretches far, far, far back, even further than we could grasp! For example, historians found evidence of Shilajit (which is one of the most common mineral supplements of Ayurveda that promotes longevity) predating the Vedic civilization, showing that the people at that time used it as a preventative medicine in 2500 BC! There’s obviously something extremely special about Ayurveda, if it is still a living science that has withstood so much time. There is an immense wisdom and power behind the science, and now you will see why.

So, where did this intricate science come from?

The Vedas are the oldest scriptures humans have ever discovered, found in India. They are composed of the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda. The science of Ayurveda actually comes from the Atharva Veda. As per the Vedas, Lord Dhanvantari emerged out of the milky ocean when the creation of the Cosmos was happening, delivering the science of Ayurveda in the pot he was carrying. He is considered as such, the God of the healing sciences. He passed this science on to humanity through Sages and Rishis that studied under Him.

To bring this to more of a ground-level (beyond its mystical person origins), we do know for a fact, the Enlightened Sages that studied under Dhanvantari, were living in the body; there is evidence of their existence. Another interesting aspect of Ayurveda is that this science was revealed in meditation by Sages like Charaka, Susruta, and Athreya while searching for a science to help alleviate suffering and illnesses within their society. They went to the foothills of the Himalayas to meditate for answers. These Enlightened Sages asked the Cosmic Intelligence to give them the answers and solutions for health, life, and longevity and had the entire science downloaded to them in the language of the Gods, Sanskrit. 

Did you ever wonder who invented surgery? It was actually invented by one of the Sages of Ayurveda, Susruta! He is known as the father of surgery even within allopathic medicine. In the Vedas, there were over 100 different surgeries mentioned, including cosmetic surgery! Every possible cure and solution for health was downloaded in meditation to these great Sages, and has been proven to work for millions of people across generations.