Tongue Scraping: The Secret to Better Taste Sensitivity and Fresh Breath


Tongue scraping has been an Ayurvedic daily routine practice for thousands of years and has many proven benefits. Daily scraping of the tongue cleanses toxins and unhealthy bacteria from the tongue and mouth, removing ama, or undigested food waste. A white or pale coating on the tongue indicates the build-up of ama. These toxins otherwise accumulate on the tongue allowing unhealthy bacteria to grow in the oral microbiome, which are then swallowed with food, water and saliva. A clean tongue means better taste sensitivity, a clean and odor free mouth and far less toxins entering the digestive tract from the mouth. 

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Benefits of Tongue Scraping include:

  • Enhanced sensitivity to taste
  • Stimulates the healthy function of internal organs
  • Cleans the tongue of toxins, dead cells and harmful bacteria stopping bad breath, bleeding gums and decay of tooth enamel 
  • Increases digestive health and promotes a healthy gut biome

A study done in 2018 confirms that the removal of the bacteria coating of the tongue, by the simple ayurvedic routine of tongue scraping, increases sensitivity to salt and other tastes and may help to reduce excessive salt intake. Another randomized study proved tongue scraping reduces the amount of bad breath causing bacteria and leads to less inflammation in the mouth microbiome.

In Ayurvedic tradition, the tongue is used as a microcosm of the entire internal system, which each major internal organ occupying a specific part of the tongue. By looking at discolorations of the tongue, each of which indicate different doshic imbalances, and where they form, Ayurvedic vaidyas are able to locate the sources of disease within the internal organs. 

How to Start Tongue Scraping

  1. Stick out the tongue as far as possible.
  2. Place copper tongue scraper as far back toward the throat as is comfortable.
  3. With mild pressure, gently pull the tongue scraper forward and off the tip of the tongue.
  4. Make sure to rinse the tongue scraper between scrapes. 
  5. Repeat 2-3 times, ensuring to cover the back and sides of the tongue. 
  6. Clean the tongue scraper and rinse mouth with clean water.