Rasayana: Ayurvedic Herbs that Reverse Aging & Promote Longevity


Anti-aging has intoxicated human beings from time immemorial. While modern medicine is just beginning to explore these concepts, Ayurveda has long understood the solutions to slow the aging process, reverse disease and provide youthful radiance (say goodbye wrinkles!). 

Rasayana, a word defined as, "an elixir of life, any medicine supposed to prolong life and prevent old age," is the branch of Ayurveda devoted to the incredible herbs and substances used for thousands of years to reverse the aging process. Whether it is skin and hair appearance, prolonging clear eyesight, sharp cognitive function or boosting the immune response, these rasayana herbs have varied effects that support our desire to remain vibrant and youthful throughout life. 

Age-related diseases and symptoms like wrinkles or stiff joints are created in the human body through the accumulation of oxidative stress and free radicals. This is why the anti-aging industry focuses on anti-oxidants which combat and eliminate these harmful elements. Recent studies have shown many of the Rasayana herbs of the Ayurvedic tradition have incredibly high levels of antioxidants like triphala, which contains amalaki: the world's most antioxidant rich fruit. Majority of Rasayana herbs are also proven adaptogens - meaning plants with their own "intelligence"; they can mitigate stresses in the body based on the individual's needs.

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Triphala is the most versatile and well-known of all rasayana herbal formulas in Ayurveda. It is a powerful combination that supports the balance of all three doshas (body constitutions): vata, pitta, and kapha. Triphala is a rejuvenatory tonic that cleanses all the channels in the body, especially the channels of elimination, thus aiding in daily detoxification and graceful aging. It is high in antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory. Triphala is well-known for enhancing overall digestive health as a mild laxative. It supports cleansing of the colon and liver, which in turn detoxifies both body and mind. It pulls out stagnant ama (undigested toxins) and eliminates them.

The science of Rasayana outlines specific herbs for many categories; they can be based on age, dosha, disease, or for a specific wellness goal! Here is a basic Guide on Rasayana Herbs:

  • Best between 1-10 years of age - vacha
  • Best between 11-20 years of age - ashwagandha & bala
  • Best between 21-30 years of age - amalaki
  • Best between 31-40 years of age - brahmi & jyothishmati
  • Best between 41-50 years of age - bringaraj & jyothishmati
  • Best between 51-60 years of age - triphala, amalaki & shatavari
  • Best between 61-70+ years of age - vajikarana herbs
  • Best for vata - haritaki

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  • Best for pitta - amalaki
  • Best for kapha - guggulu, rasna, pippali
  • Best for stimulation of Agni (digestive fire) - haritaki, chitraka, vidanga
  • Best for eye health - triphala
  • Best for infertility, insomnia, energy and muscle building - ashwagandha

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  • Best for diabetes - shilajit
  • Best for heart disease - arjuna
  • Best for liver and hair growth - bringaraj
  • Best for the mind - brahmi, shankapushpi, yashtimadu, guduchi
  • Best for anxiety and mood - shankapushpi and manduka parni

    Please always consult your healthcare practitioner before taking herbs, especially if pregnant or taking medications. The incorporation of these herbs is always recommended along with a balancing and health-promoting lifestyle as they are powerful and potent detoxifiers. Within Ayurveda, it is emphasized to start taking Rasayana herbs between the ages of 16-30 for best results, as it requires strong digestive fire and can take effect before aging and disease begin. Regardless, there are so many amazing ways we can use Rasayana herbs in our daily lifestyle to slow/reverse aging and preserve vibrant health for as long as possible!


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