Ayurveda for Spring Wellness

Ayurveda for Spring Wellness

Springtime is the most life-giving time of the year. It is when the cold and death of winter transitions to birth warmth and new life. Just as the ice and snow melts, the Kapha of our bodies begins to melt down. This is why allergies, asthma, and mucus can be especially triggered during spring! Seasonal routine is essential within Ayurveda... because as nature changes around us, our bodies change with it. Here are 3 simple ways to stay in health and harmony this spring!

Ayurveda encourages you to balance accumulated Kapha dosha with cleansing foods, an invigorating routine, and detoxifying herbs and spices! To keep your body & mind healthy and balanced in spring, its all about cleansing, keeping active, and eating light and fresh.

1. Kapha Balancing Diet

Light, bitter, and astringent foods are best during springtime. By integrating foods with these qualities, we will have more energy and overall health! Fruits, salads, and cleanses are optimal for this time of the year. Listen to your body. Cleansing can look like juice fasting, liquid diets for short periods of time, or simply following your Ayurvedic diet. Panchakarma (traditional Ayurvedic detox) is best done in spring season. If you'd like to experience this amazing clease, you can book a free call here. Pack in those leafy greens, lentils, and fresh herbs. Incorporate other Kapha balancing foods like berries, grapefruit, ginger, black pepper, barley, and cruciferous veggies. Stay away from Kapha aggravating foods like ice cream, banana, meats, and dairy. As a general principle, avoid fried, heavy, and cold foods.

2. Active Routine

In line with our season of cleansing, physical activity needs to be increased during spring. Kapha is a stagnant, heavy energy by nature. It's super helpful to do more intense exercises, yoga and cardio during this season. Heating up the body helps to shed excess fat and mucus that has accumulated during winter. Another key tip is to avoid daytime napping. Spring is a season to cultivate relationships, so create more space and time for the loved ones in your life. Wearing warm colors is another fun way balance out Kapha.

3. Detoxifying Herbs

There are lots of wonderful ways to utilize herbs and spices to balance Kapha. You can incorporate these in your cooking, drinks, and teas or take them as a supplement.  Season your dishes with warming spices like black pepper, ginger, turmeric, cumin, cayenne, and cinnamon. Tulsi or licorice teas are great for respiratory health. Last, incorporate Kapha-balancing herbs like Turmeric and Triphala daily. Turmeric is amazing for breaking down toxins in all the tissue layers. Triphala digests Kapha in the gut and helps keep movements regular. You can buy Turmeric and Triphala here.