Ashwagandha - The Powerhouse Herb

In the ancient medicine of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is known as the herb which unites body and mind so they can function in harmony instead of disharmony. Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) —sometimes called horse mill or Indian ginseng — is becoming well-known in the West for its adaptogenic qualities. This means it has its own intelligence and will be used uniquely by your body based on what components your body needs from it, which especially helps in mitigating stress. It can target and activate its many healing properties based on your deficiencies. Ashwagandha is a grounding and nourishing herb that can improve overall balance of emotional and physiological systems.

It is an herb of Rasayana, the Ayurvedic science of rejuvenation, which supports the body to age gracefully and enhance youthfulness. It can be taken as a preventatory supplement to promote vitality. Ashwagandha is also used within Ayurveda to improve sleep quality. It has the ability to balance hormones in the body to combat stress and anxiety! Because of its nourishing nature, it is also used for boosting immunity. Try our Ashwagandha out here!

The other ability Ashwagandha is most know for is its ability to promote bulking and tissue growth. Ayurveda describes its action as toning the body and supporting muscle growth and recovery. For athletes, ashwagandha is the next big thing. It is very beneficial for those that struggle to gain weight as well.

Ashwagandha is called Indian ginseng for a reason; it also enhances energy. Because of its ability to lower stress in the body and calm the nervous system, it leaves one feeling much more energetic. It is described as a mild aphrodisiac in Ayurveda, meaning that it is believed to increase fertility and health of the reproductive system.

Ashwagandha is generally used to balance vata and kapha doshas. It can imbalance pitta more easily because of its heating and bulking qualities. In certain cases where toxins are very accumulated (what Ayurveda calls ama), Ashwagandha should not be taken. The more physically active a person is, the easier it is for Ashwagandha to be assimilated.

It is a bitter and astringent herb that is warming to the body. Many people prefer taking capsules or it can be made into a tea with warm nondairy milk.  Honey is often added to it as a carrier. Overall, Ashwagandha is most famous for its strengthening and nourishing properties.

Fun Fact: Ashwagandha can be taken while traveling to help prevent jet lag. Vata (the energy of air and space) becomes imbalanced while traveling, and Ashwagandha has the properties to re-balance it. In turn, we can feel much more stable, alert, and grounded.

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It's important to talk to your doctor or health care practitioner, especially before using Ashwagandha in combination with heart medication or anti-acid drugs. Ashwagandha should not be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, those with medical conditions, or people who are taking medications without consulting a doctor first.